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Technology, connectivity and economic changes disrupt the industries and force them optimize their current business models.
The first annual E-InfraTech conference will look at how smart technology and IoT trigger transformation and create new opportunities and solutions for business and industry.
Тhe conference will discuss case studies on new partnerships between sectors, legal implications from new customer solutions, the role of the public sector in supporting and encouraging entrepreneurs and businesses.

Digital innovations are changing manufacturing processes and business models. IoT platforms provide new concepts and solutions to grow service-based revenue. Smart technologies are changing approaches to improve time-to-market, thus companies adapt their strategies aiming at efficiency through automation, AI and IoT.

Mobility & Transport
From shared use and autonomous vehicles to electric or hydrogen vehicles, individual and commercial transportation is set to change dramatically in the next 20 years. Infrastructure, such as connectivity and charging stations, has been a key enabler for this change and will be developing further in the forthcoming years.

In the last three years, EU has become frontrunner for bringing energy markets and technologies into a new era fostering EU citizen’s welfare. M&As in the sector impact the traditional business models enabled by the latest technology so to ensure higher efficiency. Is the Bulgarian energy sector technology and infrastructure ready for the market changes? What role will the State and municipalities play to support implementation of smart infrastructure?

Logistics & Delivery
Smart technology solutions have already had a significant effect on the logistics and delivery industry from improved fleet management to achieving cross-industry synergies and improved customer experience. The next step is the transformation of sustainable ‘last-mile’ urban delivery which will optimize the end 2 end customer journey and will drive further economies of scale.

Smart Cities
Bulgaria, like other countries in the region, has an increasingly urbanised population. What technologies are being deployed to improve living conditions, vehicle and population movement, energy and resource efficiency? What is the horizon within CEE/SEE by 2025 and how regulation supports the improved urban environment?

Cyber Security
In the era of sophisticated customer data management, cyber security becomes a priority for majority of organizations, supporting them reduce the risk of cyber-attacks and protecting them from unauthorised exploitation of systems, networks and technologies. What are the biggest challenges and how solutions will develop so to ensure data protection?

E-InfraTech conference will give you the chance to participate in a discussion with experts across sectors on how the new common disruptors re-shape industries, infrastructure and their business models providing new opportunities.

  • Audience
    • ~120 ppl
    tech and transport companies; banks and financial institutions; energy companies; entrepreneurs; national regulatory bodies; investors; automotive industry companies; etc



09:00 - 09:30 Registration and coffee

09:30 - 11:20 Presentations and Discussion Panel
How are smart technologies & IoT creating new opportunities and solutions for business and industry, cross-sector partnerships and are changing the environment and infrastructure
Moderator: Richard Clegg, Partner, Wolf Theiss

Opening - Interconnecting the environment
Richard Clegg, Partner, Wolf Theiss

Connectivity for infrastructure: 4G/5G as key enabler for e-infrastructure development
Todor Tashev, Senior Network and Services Director, A1

Technology for infrastructure: IoT 2025 Horizon
Iravan Hira, Managing Director, HPE Bulgaria

JVs in E-Infrastructure: legal case studies
Richard Clegg, Partner, Wolf Theiss

Smart Cities
Vladimir Mahnev, Digital Advisor, Microsoft – CEE

Trends in power supply
Garvin Scheuermann, Key Account Manager ITK at Eltek Deutschland GmbH

Discussion and Q&A

11:20 - 11:50 Coffee Break

11:50 - 13:30 Presentations and Discussion Panel
Are Bulgarian energy sector's technologies and infrastructure ready for the market changes?
Moderator: Anna Rizova, Partner, Wolf Theiss

Opening - Intelligent power management
Anna Rizova, Partner, Wolf Theiss

Power management and CEP opportunities
Radoslav Mikov, Partner, Wolf Theiss

Distributed energy [control] systems: example from the industry
Marcel van der Hoek, Country Managing Director, ABB Bulgaria

Energy storage: future of flexible power management
Valerie Mahar, Commercial Project Manager, Fluence

Information Security
Boyan Yanchev, CTO, Lirex

Discussion and Q&A

13:15 - 14:30 Networking Cocktail


Richard Clegg

Partner at Wolf Theiss

Iravan Hira

Managing Director at HPE Bulgaria

Todor Tashev

Senior Network and Services Director at A1

Boyan Yanchev

CTO at Lirex

Marcel van der Hoek

Country Managing Director at ABB Bulgaria

Valerie Mahar

Commercial Project Manager at Fluence

Radoslav Mikov

partner at Wolf Theiss

Vladimir Mahnev

Digital Advisor, Microsoft – Central & Eastern Europe


Key Account Manager ITK at Eltek Deutschland GmbH


Anna Rizova

Partner at Wolf Theiss




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